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Great Architecture Speaks for Itself

At Vestridge Technology, we know that taking the time to optimize business design pays enormous dividends to the end results. Rethinking your business processes during the design phase of a software project will improve your overall efficiency, productivity, and the quality of your product. The question should not be whether you can afford to take the time to redesign your business workflow. In fact, a software solution cannot be any more efficient than the business process it supports. When done right, you will find that limitations are removed, methods are simplified, and new opportunities for growth present themselves.

Our team of experts can walk you through the process of reengineering your business workflows. We make an effort to understand the specific needs for your unique organization and provide an outside perspective on improvements. Through an atmosphere of collaboration and teamwork, great ideas are refined into elegant designs and successful solutions. This has been our experience and we hope to share it with you, in meeting your project goals.

Our Design Process

Empowering your Business for Success

  • Our design process begins by forming a team of key stake-holders in the product and business workflow. We work to create an environment of open communication and team collaboration. Through discovery, we document how the business currently operates and discuss present frustrations and limitations. In a series of forums, we will define the future goals of the product and then map out the current and future business process. Refined over iterations, this becomes the formal Business Requirements.

Design Services

Services we Provide

  • Technology Assessment and Strategic Planning
  • Business Process Discovery and Analysis
  • Business Requirements Discovery and Analysis
  • Business Requirements Documentation
  • Technical Design Analysis and Documentation

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