3 Reasons It’s Time for Your Microsoft Access Data to Take Flight

3 Reasons It’s Time for Your Microsoft Access Data to Take Flight

Your Organization Has Grown Up

It is a common story. Your Back Office needed a simple application to get the job done. With no budget for custom development, Microsoft Access came to the rescue. Access is a powerful tool that simplifies the process of building custom data-driven applications. Designing your database, building basic data entry forms and reports were a snap. Access provided a rapid solution at a low cost, and kudos to Microsoft for providing such a powerful tool.

However, the hidden costs of Access did not become apparent until later. Your application worked great at first, but overtime became slow and inefficient. Access works great with small data sets, but struggles with the large data volume of an Enterprise Operation. When you first started, you only had one person working the application. Now, your operation has grown and you need many concurrent users. Access simply was not designed for Enterprise Level Applications. It is time to find a solution that will take your business to new heights.

Modern Solutions Are Within Reach

Opportunities for modernizing your application are waiting for you. Migrating your data to a modern database, such as Microsoft SQL Server, will provide a foundation for the growth of your business. Migrating your application to the cloud will pave a path for the future. Upgrading from Access will present many benefits for your business, including…

  • Security – Enterprise level security for your data will be a breeze to implement in a modern solution. In the interconnected world of today, securing sensitive data is imperative.
  • Scalability – Modern databases are designed for scalability at their core. With greater application performance, you gain greater productivity from your work force.
  • Automation – As your business grows, your operations will grow more complex. There are more tasks to complete and more people to do them. Instead of hiring more people, increase your margins by leveraging technology to do more work for you.

We Are Here to Help

Vestridge Technology and Atlas Software Group have teamed up to provide an easy and affordable migration path for your Microsoft Access application. We have the experience and expertise to bring your operation into the modern era.

  • Data Migration Services – We have built custom tools that will extract your Microsoft Access data and import it into a modern relational database, such as Microsoft SQL Server. We can assist you in migrating your database service to the cloud or an in-house hosted server. You will have the option to keep your existing Access User Interface (now connecting with a remote database server) or we can assist you in modernizing your entire application to a cloud based solution.
  • Cloud Migration Services – Our team has extensive experience with AWS and Azure cloud services. We are specialists in providing cloud solutions for your application and business integration needs. We are committed to working with you to find the best solution for your business.

Vestridge Technology is a professional services company specializing in software consulting for financial technology solutions.

At Vestridge Technology, we have the experience to provide a complete assessment and custom solution for your unique situation. We are experts at working with business and IT teams to build a road map for success. Contact us today for more information at [email protected].

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